~ Byron's Gasser Madness! ~

~ 2010 California Hot Rod Reunion ~

~ Introduction ~


For the first time since 2007, I was able to attend the CHRR.  Boy...I sure had missed it!

I was only able to stay for Thursday and Friday, but it sure beat missing it altogether and I got to visit lots of friends although I missed a bunch of you.

Because of threatening weather on Sunday, the final rounds of eliminations were not completed. 

If you want more details, you can find the run sheets at http://www.competitionplus.com/drag-racing/race-coverage/15806-chrr-same-day-coverage



For AA/GS, the final round was to be between number 4 qualifier, Chuck Moore in the Moore & Woods Corvette who took out Mitch Chamberlin's 52 Chevy and Cecil Matthew's T-Bird to get there and number 7 qualifier, Rich Roberts's 33 Willys who had eliminated Mark Leonard's Chevelle and Scott White's 41 Willys on his way to the final.

The decision was made to split the money between them and to award the trophy to Moore by virtue of his lower elapsed time of 6.598 in the prior round against Matthews, even though Roberts has run the low elapsed time of the meet with a 6.551 against Leonard in Round 1.



Finally got a run sheet for A/Gas...and now I'm really confused!  Two of the cars pictures I received were shown as A/Gas, but I can't find them on the run sheet.  I have to assume that Kevin Mossman and Raphael Quiroga must have been running Exhibition, but I'm leaving them here for now until someone tells me for sure.

Only the first round out of 4 was run in A/Gas, and I have no idea who got the money or the trophy.  Going into round 2 were Rick Logsdon (def. Andy Heimstra), Jim Godec (def. Mike Ward), Ken Ratzloff (def. Bruce Sanders), Chris Beanes (def. Al White), Jimmy White (def. Dean Lindsey), Terry Newton (def. Steven Davis), Steve Castelli (def. Phil Herrera), and Jim Data (def. Rob Patten).  DNQ's were John Overholser, Dick Lechien, Casey Treur, and Jerry Wold.  Wayne Scott qualified #15, but didn't make the first round and was replaced by Jim Data.

10/26/2010: Received the following note from Robert Overholser: "I was told that Jim Data was the winner in A/Gas. He ran a right on the number 7.60 e.t in the 1st round."



Just what it says.  They are there to make some passes and provide some entertainment for you.  Primarily composed of cars for which no classes are provided at the CHRR (B/Gas and lower and a whole bunch more) there are some very cool (and quick) cars to watch here!



Shades of the past!  Everything from AWB cars to Thunderbolts, etc.  Again, very cool cars that are a bunch of fun to watch!



Okay...I sort of threw everything else in here.  This group includes Top Fuel, Funny Cars, Nostalgia Eliminator 1, A/Fuel and Junior Fuel.  I did this for a couple of reasons:

  • 1. I can't tell most of them apart.

  • 2. This is a Gasser Site.  While I'm a fan of all of these cars, you can get results at a number of other sites including www.wdifl.com and www.aafdnews.com among others.



This is another "hodgepodge" group.  It includes actual Cacklefest cars and all of the cool Hot Rods, Race Cars, Rat Rods, and Display cars at the CHRR that weren't actually racing.  Take your time and look at some VERY COOL cars!


At theDoubletree

A number of shots from the host hotel for the CHRR in the big Friday night get-together.



Miscellaneous, huh?  Pretty much a whole bunch of "other stuff" seen in and around the biggest Nostalgia event of the year.



This is why I go to the CHRR...it's all about the people!  See how many you know.

I named the ones I was reasonably sure of (like myself!), but even though I recognized several others, I chickened out on the names since I wasn't sure enough.