~ Byron's Gasser Madness! ~

~ 2011 California Hot Rod Reunion ~

~ A/Gas Eliminations ~

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Final  

Ken Ratzloff

Ratzloff is way late and Patten gets the easy win. Ratzloff makes another perfect 7.600 pass to no avail.


Rob Patten

Merenda is a no show, so Patten gets the single.


Frank Merenda

Frank Merenda cuts 0.009 on the tree and wins on Andy Hiemstra's -0.007 red light.


Andy Hiemstra


Patten cards a terrific 0.007 RT and takes a 20 foot win.


Chris Beanes

Beanes cuts a strong 0.006 light and holds Padgett off for the twenty foot win.


Ray Padgett

Rafiel Quiroga wins on Chris Beanes' -0.023 red light.


Brad Chafee

Quiroga beats Chafee on the light with an .011 RT to Chafee's .082.  Quiroga's 7.727 is enough to beat Chafee's quicker 7.661


Hall gets a big starting line advantage to take the hole shot win and the A/Gas Championship by eight feet.


Rafiel Quiroga


Al White

Al White wins on a double-breakout.


Brendon Frye

Dean Hall wins on Al White's breakout.


Wayne Schott

Hall cuts a 0.008 light and pull steadily ahead for the easy win.


Dean Hall


Dean Hall nails the lights with a great 0.007 RT and wins on Rick Logsdon's breakout.


Rick Logsdon

Rick Logsdon gets a big starting line advantage and wins on Richard Wilson's breakout after Jimmy White and Augustine Herrera couldn't make the call for round 1.


Richard Wilson

Not real sure what happened here, but the end result is that Logsdon wins and goes to round 3.


Terry Newton

Terry Newton runs 0.009 to the index and wins on John Overholser's -0.015 red light.


John Overholser