~ Byron's Gasser Madness! ~

~ 2011 California Hot Rod Reunion ~

~ Exhibition - The Geezer Gassers ~


I suppose that these photos could have been included with the rest of the Exhibition door cars, but I felt that they deserved their own section.  These are the "Geezer Gassers", group of very cool, very nostalgic, REAL Gassers who made the tow out to California from the Midwest after an invitation from Tony Thacker of the NHRA Museum.  There were actually only 6 of them in Chuck Lipka's group, but I've also included Skip Coverdale who, although technically a member of the group, runs alcohol and came on his own.  Skip usually runs with Rocky Pirrone's AA/GS group "out East" and, while that group was invited by Steve Gibbs, it was decided that the trip was just too expensive for them at this time.

Here's the group members from Chuck Lipka

(Norman's pickup was a last minute substitution (literally) when Al Chernik's Chrysler hemi powered "Acme Racing" Willys could not make the call following a crankshaft failure from earlier in the summer, and the comedy of errors from his machinist, engine assembler, and parts suppliers.)

I'd like to give a big thanks to the guys for making the long tow.  It was really appreciated by those who were there...and even those of us who couldn't make it.  Thank you!


Chuck Lipka

'41 Willys coupe

"Little Booger"



Randy Addington

'37 Chevy coupe

"Addington Speed Shop" 



Ron Doran       

'40 Willys coupe  




Jesse James       

'40 Willys coupe




Ron Norman 

'41 Willys coupe  

"Airoso Brothers" tribute car



Ron Norman 

'41 Willys pickup

"Hairy Hauler"

Driven by Jim Pierick








Skip Coverdale


"Special Edition II"