~ Byron's Gasser Madness! ~

~ 2008 Gasser Magazine Reunion ~

~ Thompson, OH - 30 May thru 1 June, 2008


Well, doesn't it just figure...this is the first time I've had to miss the Gasser Magazine Reunion and what happens? They get three days of great weather and a bunch of great racing!  What I really missed the most, though, was visiting all my friends that I usually only get to see once a year!  I'd put up a list of names, but I'd be sure to forget someone. 

While the car count was down a bit from previous years, due primarily to the obscene prices being charged for gasoline these days, there were still (as you will see in the photos on the following pages, lot of very cool Gassers to be found.

The Grand Marshalls this year were Barb Hamilton and Nancy Leonello.  If you're a regular visitor to this website, you probably know Barb's name as a Hall of Famer, and the first woman ever licensed by NHRA to drive a supercharged car.  Nancy is, I suppose, a bit less well known and that's unfortunate.  Nancy was Barb's partner on the famous candy blue C/GS Willys and was there every step of the way, from building the car to hitting the road with Barb and hauling the car around the country and prepping it to kick ass wherever they might find themselves racing, from Ohio to California!  I truly hope that Nancy starts getting a little more recognition for her role in Barb's success.

The photos on the following pages have been provided by Bob Wenzelburger, Dewey Dilcher, and a few nice shots of Chuck Finders' recreation of the famous "Traveler" 33 Willys by Fred Toedtman.  Thanks to all of you from all of us who were unable to make the trip this year.  I hope to see you next year.

  Action on the Track by Bob Wenzelburger  
  ...and by Dewey Dilcher  
  Pix From the Pits  
  A Few Folks Having Fun  
  A Few Cars For Sale