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Hello Byron
This is Brian Fitting. I want to thank you again for giving information on the Anglia I restored that was called "Lil Riddler" that was built and raced by Darrell Riddle back in the day. I sold the car to Russ Elliott in Port Angeles, Washington a few years ago. He races it at the airport that used to be a drag strip until sometime in the 70's. They reopened it. It is only a 1/8 mile track now. It is in Forks, Washington.
I am working on a 33 Willys I bought off of ebay back in 2003 or 4. It was Kent Kellers, "Shakey Propositions". When I bought it it was in very bad shape. I can not find the picture of it when I first bought it, but most people thought I was crazy. Well after 7 years working on it a little here and there, and with the help of Al Swedberg one of, if not the best metal guy in the state, we have fixed the car from the firewall back.
I bought a 4 door 35 out of Canada cut it in have and matted the front half to the back half of Kent's car to fix the very bad chop that had been done to the car. I think I did a very good job of it also. But Kent sucked the car together some in the roof, when he chopped it and the trunk was an inch or so to wide at the top of the trunk. After I cut the back window out it popped right out to where it was suppose to be. I did not feel I could fix it and fill the roof and make it look right so that is when I took t to Al Swedberg's shop. He filled the roof, fixed the back widow, made metal fenders for it, (Kent had molded fiberglass one to it and I want it to be all metal) and made me a trunk lid for it. Tom Willford loaned me his trunk lid to use for a pattern so we got it right. Tom lives just a few blocks away.
That is as far as I have gotten on the car for now. Once the economy picks up so I have more work I can start on building a new chassis for it. Here are some picture of the car from what pictures I have of the beginning to now. I will only send you some of them seeing I took a lot of pictures of the car as Al was doing the work to it.
I bought Tom Willford's extra set of original metal front fenders and 33 Willys complete side panels. Along with a hood top for a 33 Willys from Gary Kollofski who has the yellow 36 Willys coupe with the twin turbo Chevy motor in it. I have one of those after market case grills for it. That is until I can find and afford a original grill for it.

Brain Fitting

P.S. I am getting ready to take it to Bill Fitting here in the next couple months. He is going to build me a new rolling chassis for it. I would do it myself, but I plan on putting a twin turbo'ed 4.6 DOHC Ford motor in it and am shooting for around 800 to 1000 hp. So I better have someone that builds chassis to withstand that kind of horsepower do it.