Byron's Gasser Madness!

Cars SOLD!

Most of these will have links which point to the original ads, if you're curious.  The contact information has been removed from those pages.  It's just so folks can wander about a look at all the neat cars that they didn't buy...think of it as a virtual car show.
Bob VanSyckle's '57 Chevy 150 Joe Satterthwaite's 41 Willys Pickup Rick Uyeda's AWB 51 Ford
Hank Stute's 1942 Willys Pickup Terry Hogan's '56 Chevy BelAir Gasser Project Pete Arnell's 55 Chevy Street Gasser
Randy Gaspers' 1953 Chevy Bel-Air Hot Rod Gasser Michael Creek's 41 Willys Mike Boudreaux's 1941 Willys Stone Woods Gasser
1948 Anglia Project Charles Hughes' 33 Willys Chris Davis' 82 Camaro

Carl Campbell's "Fatal Attraction"

59 Anglia

Bill Sowerby's 53 Anglia Lee Pike's "Honky Tonkin" 57 Chevy
Randy Winkle's "Famoso Speed Shop" 37 Chevy Gasser Wally Kimberlin's straight axle 57 Chevy "Big John" Mazmanian A/GS "Football" Austin

"Gasser Dave" Garneau's

"Riff Raff" 55 Chevy

1955 Gasser BBQ gas grill Bill Bush's 1960 Nash Rambler
Tim Burns' 38 Willys Sedan Delivery Ron Edwards' 1941 Willys 4dr sedan Ron Edwards '41 Willys "Casper"
 Bob Mencel's 41 Willys Pickup Pro Street John Pezzuto's 37 Ford ProMod

Dom Blasco's 99 Chevy/Hodges ramp truck

The Reid's 41 Willys Gasser Guido Coldwell's ex-Jack Merkel Willys Street Rod Robert Overholser's A/G Camaro
Bob Ramella's 37 Willys Matt Piotrowski's 61 Falcon Gasser Ronnie Sandifer's 73 Hemi Barracuda
"El Diablo" 1953 Thames Gasser Dom Blasco's Old School 56 Chevy  Dom Blasco's 71 Yenko Nova clone
Randy Gaspers' 1941 Willys Jim Stewart's 1965 Mustang Bob Noll's 67 Cougar
Ron Edwards' 41 Willys Dom Blasco's Arnie Beswick Tribute Dom Blasco's 61 Corvette
Bob Van Syckle's 55 Chevy Street Gasser Harry's 48 Anglia "Blackjack" Allen Schumacher's 51 Austin Pickup

Joe Petralia's Ex-Gasser 57 Chevy

Dale Carlton's Pro-Street 49 Anglia Dom Blasco's 55 Chevy Convertible
Dom Blasco's 41 "Wild Willys" Dom Blasco's 31 Ford Coupe Tim Burns '40 Willys coupe
Clark DeCapite's 1941 Willys Gasser "Quarter Pounder" 1948 Thames Panel "Classical Gas" 1933 Willys Blown Gasser A/GS
Charlie Gilmore's Junior Thompson Opel Kadett Bob Meyer's 33 Ford Coupe Dom Blasco's 41 Willys pickup
Dom Blasco's 55 Chevy Gasser James Smith's '52 Crosley Project Jack Shapinas' 41 Willys Americar Sedan
Jr. Patrick's '37 English Ford Tourer Ken Ludvigsen's "CC Rider" Willys

Rick Scullion's 41 Willys Coupe

Larry Anderson's 1955 Chevy Gasser "Homegrown" Gary Stein's 1934 Ford Pro Street Blown Coupe Jack Abranovich's 41 Willys Pickup
Bob Nevins' "Speedy Willys" Racing Team

Chris Ardern's 41 Willys Gasser

Steve Metz' 37 Chevy Gasser
Bob Sutke's 701/2 Falcon Butch Bailey's 33 Willys coupe

Jim's 41 Willys Coupe

Frank Maldonado's 59 Anglia Panel Dick Shannon's 37 Chevy Steve Voester's 48 Anglia project
Ronnie Sandifer's 41 Willys Coupe Rick Forson's 48 Anglia Peter "Madbrit" Broadribb's 56 Chevy

Marc Levine's Junior Thompson 1948 Prefect  

Dale Kraemer's 32 Austin Bantam Steve Scott's 51 Henry J
Dale Kraemer's 32 Austin Bantam Tom's 50 Ford Warren Hayes' 33 Willys Coupe
Tom Way's 41 Willys Coupe George Jones 46 Thames project Jay Gawkowski's 48 Anglia Nostalgia Gasser
"Dyno Dom" Blasco's 56 Chevy Terry Hogan's 1956 Chevy Gasser Survivor Terry Ziminickas' 48 Austin Dorset
"Dyno Dom" Blasco's  41 Willys Pickup Vince Minnis' 41 Willys Ed Gibson's '53 Nash 2 door wagon
Bob Incao's 1951 Henry J Pro-Street Roger Gaynor's 33 Willys Coupe "Dyno Dom" Blasco's 67 Chevy El Camino

Tom Pelletier's 33 Willys

Tommy's 40 Ford coupe

Gary van Eik's all steel 41 Willys
Tony Capcino's 54 Dodge Gasser Vince Minnis' 32 Ford "Dyno Dom" Blasco's 66 Chevy Biscayne
Ted Johnson's 23 T Altered John Pezzuto's 41 Willys George Jones'  50 Anglia project
Dom Blasco's "Mr. Henry J" Gary Kurschner's "Chestnut" 54 Dodge Gasser "Dyno Dom" Blasco's 56 Chevy

 "Dyno Dom" Blasco's 37 Fiat Topo, "Orange Crush"

"Dyno Dom" Blasco's 52 Henry J - "Blood, Sweat & Tears" Jeff Hefler's "SHAGZilla 48 Austin
Chuck Young's "Ute Scootin'" Anglia Ute Mark Ott's 34 Willys Project Dick Shannon's 37 Chevy Sedan
Fred Neu's Pro-Street '33 Willys Barry Grimes' 41 Willys Coupe Charlie Lehman's Pro-Street 51 Henry J

Eddie Taylor's 31 Ford 5 Window Coupe

Gavin Taylor's 48 Anglia Gary Meziere's 52 Henry J ex-Gasser
Phil Morris' 41 Willys Pro-Street Pickup Dave Secrist's 38 Willys Pickup "Dyno Dom" Blasco's 48 Anglia
"Dyno Dom" Blasco's 71 Nova "Dyno Dom" Blasco's 72 Buick Skylark "Dyno Dom" Blasco's 41 Willys

Jeff Peet's 62 Nova

Burr Corbett & Mel Wolfgong's '40 Willys Tom Driver's 41 Willys Coupe
Bruce Comboni's 55 Nomad Larry Davis' 52 Allstate "Dyno Dom" Blascoe's 49 Angia
Tom McLaughlin's 33 Willys Pickup Del Clark's 55 Chevy 89 Chevy Custom Dually Lowrider
Tony Kiecher's '33 Willys Coupe Bruce Gonzales' 40 Willys Sedan Dean Gardiner's 31 Ford Roadster
Bill Darland's 37 Willys Sedan Mike Griffith's 32 Bantam Altered Tim Nicholson's 69 Opel GT "Tazmission"
Fred Militello's Funny Car Chassis Joe Russo's 41 Willys Coupe

Fred Militello's "Hot Licks" Thames

Billy  Denkins' 37 Chevy Sedan Brian's '76 Chevy Chevette Vince Minnis' 1937 Willys Ute
Bob Gibson's 51 Chevy Gasser Monty Stotz' 1960 Thames Panel Bob Gibson's 86 Camaro Funnycar
TJ's 1949 Thames Ray Pasch's 62 Valiant C/Gas Dan Boone's 46 Austin
Sam Woodard's 1951 Studebaker Roadster Pickup Alex & Joy's "Rock & Roll Dreams" Willys Coupe Jerry Augustine's 40 Willys Coupe & 40 Willys Sedan
63 Plymouth Fury 440 Dave Holman's 73 Vega S/G Jack Olcott's 65 Nova
John Ihloff's 33 Willys Dean Gardiner's 69 Camaro Dave Facey's '52 Willys Aero Lark Pro-Street
Don Moats' 65 Hemi Coronet Lewis Eisold's Anglia Brandon Bowling's 48 Anglia
Chuck Beaulieu's 51 Chevy  Mike Woods' 32 Vicky Bill Varela's 33 Willys
Don Muray's 31 Ford Gasser Mike Woods' 1936 Ford Cabriolet Don Moats' 31 Chevy 5-window Coupe
Randy Robb's 69 Camaro Tom Lewis Chopped, Blown '51 Henry J Tom Driver's 40 Willys
Shane Carter's 33 Willys Wes Scott's 1959 Thames Chuck Beaulieu's 55 Chevy Wagon
Dan Zapico's 48 Anglia Brian Gannon's 69 Hurst SC Rambler Mike Woods' 31 Ford
Frank Donato's 39 Oldsmobile Coupe Scott Eckrich's 1933 Willys Bill Skrynsky's 48 Pro-Street Anglia
Mike Griffith's 40 Willys Coupe Ex-Gasser Jason Skanieczny's 37 Fiat Topolino  Don Moats' 65 Belvedere
Larry Davis' 41 Willys Coupe Gene Fries' Anglia Tim Nicholson's '80 Firebird
David Herald's 31 Model A Jason Nieman's 48 Austin Angelo Brocato's 34 Ford Coupe
Larry Davis' 55 Chevy Sedan Delivery Tony's 47 Anglia Shane Carter's 41 Willys Coupe
Tom Miller's 57 Chevy Funnycar The Real Veal ’33 Willys Drag Car Paul Saulnier's Suncoast 27 Roadster
Eldon Slick's Chevy powered Porsche  David Klontz' 41 Plymouth Pro-Street Mike Woods' 41 Willys
Da Grump's Truck Frank Donato's Blown 34 Ford Dan Vosovic's 55 Chevy
Keith Schultz' Prefect Brandon Bowling's 64 Plymouth Fury Dave McCauley's 1942 Willys Sedan
Jack Olcott's 40 Chevy Gasser Bob Sutke's 65 Nova John Ihloff's 65 Comet Cyclone
Barry Kashar's '84 TopKick Toterhome Dan Zapico's 64 Ford TBolt clone Thomas McLain's 31 Ford 5 window coupe
Dave McCullough's 62 Chevy Wagon Bob Plaisted's Custom 40 Ford Dan Lockwood's '40 Willys
David Evans' 41 Willys Rhys Saunders 2000 Pro Street Sportster Henry Alexander's 1951 Henry J

Mark Kenyon's '33 Willys

 Mark Nacy's '56 Chevy Gasser

Scott Cehowski's '30 Ford Model A
Kimmy Sisemore's 41 Willys Coupe "Dyno Dom" Blasco's 37 Ford Coupe Chuck Griffith's "Mr. Lucky" '48 Anglia
Gary Stein's 41 Willys Larry Lloyd's 1948 Anglia 60's Drag Car Kevin Bailey's 40 Willys Pickup
Mike Woods' 36 Ford 3 Window Brad Studley's '68 Pontiac Firebird Mike Woods' 39 Ford Cabriolet

Mike Traul's 33 Willys

Dempsey Smith's 37 Ford Coupe Dempsey's Pro-Street 55 Chevy Pickup
Mike Liles' 48 Anglia Mark Benjamin's 41 Willys Pro Street John Walker's 48 Anglia ProStreet
Dave Holman's 48 Anglia Mike Woods' 31 Ford Coupe Tony's 33 Willys
Bob Ryan's '33 Willys 2 Door Sedan

Gary's 38 Willys Sedan Delivery

Frank Donato's '80 Chevy Pickup
Rick Meloche's 51 Anglia ex-Gasser Mike Woods' 1937 Ford Cabriolet Gary Fauble's 37 Chevy AA/Gasser "Psycho"
Bob Mencel's '31Ford Coupe

Frank Grate's 48 Anglia

Dave Robertson's 38 Willys Pickup
James Mayberry's 54 Anglia Wagon Michael Creek's 1940 Willys Coupe Angelo Brocato's '56 Ford Crown Victoria FC
Glenn Bashor's 26 Ford "T" Gasser-style hotrod Ara Bedrosian's 37 Willys Coupe Tommy Shaw's Street Gasser-ish Thingie

W.S Tracy's 34 Ford 3-Window Coupe

Rich Leatham's '56 Chevy Pro-Street Gordon Veal's 33 Willys Sedan Delivery
Jim Lenz' 68 Pontiac Firebird 400 1953 Pro-Street Hillman Sedan Delivery Mike Woods' 1932 ford Highboy Sedan
Chuck Beaulieu's 40 Ford Pickup Dempsey Smith's 35 Ford Slantback Sedan Terry Zimnickas' 48 Austin
Frank Donato's 40 Ford Coupe Chris Hicks' 66 Buick Skylark Frank Donato's '36 Chevy 2 Door Sedan
Rich Soldotna's Blown BBC '57 Chevy Bob Plaisted's 35 Ford Pickup Dave McCauley's 1948 Anglia 60's Drag Car
Dean Gardiner's 66 Nova Kevin Bailey's 41 Willys Howard Gottleib's 48 Anglia
Terry Ziminikas' G&R Pinto replica Johnny Rahbek's '41 Willys Coupe Jack Olcott's '67 Plymouth Belvedere I
Mark Nacy's '66 Dodge Charger 440

Graham's '48 Anglia

 Mark Brisky's FED
Jim Bush's '47 Chevy Pickup

Ed Dorn's 49 Anglia

Ricky Caldwell's 23T Altered

Joe Uhrmacher's 41 Willys 2-Door Sedan

Randy Miller's '41 Willys Pickup ex-60's Gasser

Dave Miller's '62 Chevy II "Mighty Mouse"

No photos available

Larry Clingman's 49 Anglia ex-Gasser  Rick Lutz' 34 Ford Pickup Mike Woods' 34 Ford Coupe

Tim Burn's '41 Willys A/Gas 

Paul Kennedy's 1948 Thames

The Evan's 64 Pro-Street Nova

Tim Burn's '33 Willys 

Tony Duncan's '59 Anglia S/G

 Jack Olcott's 32 Ford Phaeton

 WS Tracy's '33 Willys A/G

Jack Olcott's '48 Anglia

Jim Guzetti's '48 Prefect

Carl Johnson's 41 Willys

 John Tabata's '59 Anglia S/G

56 Chevy Gasser

 Randy Roche's '41 Willys

'48 Anglia for sale

1965 AWB Plymouth

Tim Burns' 1933 Willys Scott Litzau's 52 Prefect

The "Lau Raider" N/SS

1939 Fiat Topolino

John Bonney's '48 Anglia

Tinny's 23 T Altered

 Tom Anwyll's '50 Austin

Beautiful 48 Anglia Gasser

The Evan's 68 Chevelle SS
Jack Olcott's '48 Austin John Meyers 48 Anglia  Randy Roche's Pro-Street S-10 Pickup

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