~ Byron's Gasser Madness! ~

~ Rest in Peace ~

~ KS Pittman ~ (1927-2010)

One hears the word "legend" tossed around pretty casually these days, but in this case the word is completely appropriate.  KS Pittman passed away peacefully last night (31 January 2010) at 11 PM.

If you are at all familiar with the history of the 60's Gasser Wars and of Gassers in general, you know KS was definitely one of the fiercest competitors out there.  You didn't often see him get left on either.  Almost every starting line photo you'll ever see shows KS out first!

While some of the names associated with the 60's Gasser Wars vary depending on who's making the list, I doubt you'll ever find a list of Gasser Wars "Hitters" that doesn't include the name of KS Pittman!   I just honestly don't know what more to say except Rest in Peace KS.  You will be greatly missed by all your friends and fans.

KS "Tiger" Pittman, Fred Stone, Leonard Woods & Doug "Cookie" Cook, "Big John" Mazmanian, Chuck Finders...all gone now. Bet there's some hellacious match races going on in heaven!