Byron's Gasser Madness!
~ G. K. Bernhard ~

I got the following email the other day along with the attached pictures. As you'll read, the original owners of this car are trying to find it. If you can help locate it, you can email the Bernhards or myself with information. Pictures are below.

Updated information as of 8 September 2003

Update as of 9 May 2004 from Jack Olcott

The car is presently owned by ECG member Randy Sailer of Boyertown, PA.
It is undergoing a full restoration at Tinny's Hot Rodz in Sellersville, PA.
Tinny has fabricated a 2x3 tube chassis for it and it is now a roller.

Would like to share pictures of our Anglia with you. Love your Website have
been sharing the address with all who love cars. We visit often.
My husband raced this in the 60's & early 70's. It went from the prime paint
B/G to a chopped BB/Gas. These pictures are from Vargo Dragway & Maple Grove
Dragway in Pa.
I am currently going over old pictures and as soon as I get them in order I
will send you some more.
We are looking for this car, could you let me know where I can go to advertise our interest in finding it?
Thank you and keep up the great work!!
Donna Bernhard

My husband who owned and drove the car is G. K. Bernhard

The professional pictures were taken by Lee Menszak of Perkasie, Pa.

I received an update from the Bernhards recently.  They found the car and were terribly disappointed in the condition in which it was found.  Can't say I blame them.