~ Eric Carlson 39 Willys Gasser ~

I have looked for my stepdad's old Willys ever since the guy he sold it to in the 60's sold it to a guy in Indiana.....I got a couple shots of the car I'll try and dig up. anyway there was an article in Street Rodder about the car in 84-85.the title of it was "THE WANDERER"...the car is bright yellow it's low and tubbed has a blown SBC in it and 40 ford headlight trim......I'd like to at least see if i can find the guy's name and find out what became of the car....I have looked and for whatever reason i am missing the issue I think is the one it is in....also I sent a letter to them that got in the next issue with a pic of the gasser version of the car it was titled "the more things change the more they stay the same", as the tell tale signs this was THAT car were it still had the same straight axle though lowered, and the firewall was still the polished aluminum one installed in the 60's it was notched in the center for the mag......it also still had the polished dash insert with the SW gauges in it. I have not got the money to buy it back  If found but I'd almost sell all my stuff to have it I am afraid though it may have gone the billet route and be too far gone to reclaim. I am sure the car is still around.......BTW this is the first blown car I ever rode in it was still a nosebleeder then though a street car the guy who owned it did a two block long smoker sideways down my street!! I told him then (at 12years old!!) if he ever sold it I wanted a shot to buy it well of course he didn't remember that later when he sold it and yeah who's gonna believe a kid LOL!! anyway I know i am vague on the dates but please someone help me here.......pics will follow when I find them. ERIK