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I know its a long shot , but approx 5 years ago some fellas came up from Kentucky and bought a 55 Chevy 2 door post off of me , it was right after my son was born and i was desperately hurting for money being out of work , it was just a red oxide 2 door post , when it left here it had no dog house on it because i was going to drop a big block in and it had crappy old steel wheels , i believe the gentlemen were from the north west part of Kentucky , i would desperately like to find this car again , if by chance you have any leads or would like a picture of it let me know , I have a picture of it before it left , it had a blue dash and a tan bench seat up front and a black painted rear seat it has a 12 bolt 3:73 posi from a Chevelle in it , and the front windshield had been replaced with a new one , the door panels were crappy black naugahyde , and the carpeting was blue , the rear wheel wells were not radiusd but they were cut higher up in a more squared off pattern , and it had the factory 3spd that had been switched to floor shift , again any help is greatly appreciated feel free to call me at 217-827-6122

Thank you kindly
Mac Fredrick