~ Bill Mitrovich's 55' Chevy Gasser ~

Bill Mitrovich's 55' Gasser

Please add Bill Mitrovich's 55' Gasser to the Lost & Found. The car was sold in Northeast Ohio around 1977. Last believed to be seen in Conneaut, Ohio a few years ago. When we followed up on the tip, the car had already been resold and picked up.

Thank you 
Bill Mitrovich Jr.

I believe I  owned Greg's car. The car originally belonged to Barnes & Sperry.  I purchased it & did extensive work on the car to make it race worthy. If I had photos of the under side of the car I would know better. Dave Meal did front sub frame & dropped axle installation. Mike & Rocky Bellino of Mr Gasket Co. did rear suspension (ladder bar) & tilt front end. Myles Enginering did motor destroked 302, fueler heads, Hilborn injection, m22 rock crusher. Sig Erson roller cam. The car ran as Lucky Charm in white pearl paint & gold leaf lettering. I would greatly like to talk with Greg. 

Bill Mitrovich 
The car ran either C or D/Gas at Dragway 42, Norwalk, Thompson and Presq. Isle.

I just had to put this up.  I received this about the 3rd week of October, 2002.  In looking at the photos, there were a number of things that caught my eye and made me believe that it was a car that was already on the "Lost and Found" as a "Found" car.  A few more emails and a phone call or two got the two parties together and it turns out that I was (for once!) correct.  This is the same car that Greg Sy was looking for history on.  I just love it when things work out!  Click HERE to take a look at Greg Sy's car.