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Photo attached is a picture I found in a box of old photographs and I was told the car was a IHRA ( Maybe NHRA not 100%sure) stock class dragcar. It's a 1949 Oldsmobile 88. Not sure about the engine but it could be a J2 Olds or a 56 V8 for a rocket 88 Oldsmobile. The Name of the car and was painted on the roof above the door is " PA-SUM-HOL-LER " The car was raced in the 60`s around 1965-1967 and the car used to race in Houston TX until the car was sold for a couple hundred in 1967/1968. That's the last to be know of the car. Here's more details about the car. It was a blue paint job on it painted by Earl Shine, the tires were supplied by Big 10 Tire Co, transmission was built by Carters auto trans service, Spradlin supplied general auto parts and Bowden's auto elect. did the electrical work. The interior had seat covers over the torn and tattered seats, It had a stock 2 bbl carb that was built by Joe Bowden and was running like a 4 bbl carb. Had slicks in the back, 4 spd automatic hydramatic transmission built up by Carters trans service. The car ran in the 13/14 second in the 1/4 mile from what I have been told might be wrong or off. but I know the picture attached was taken before the car was sold and it had a inspection sticker but its on the passenger side which would mean it was in the 60`s early to mid 60`s. I'm trying to locate what become of the car and for the most recent pictures of the car or if its still around and if the owner would want to sell it.

I have some more information about the 49 Olds 88, it was a stock class car, running 15.8`s in the 1/4 mile on a 15.7 class record.  It had seat covers over tattered seats.  I talked to the original owner I ran into him the other day and I wanted to update you more about the vehicle in case you would want to update the lost & found section

Matt Pereira