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Vince Bayarinas and his Dad recently purchased Mark Ott's 34 Willys project and expect to have it completed and ready for the strip soon.
Hi Byron! If you can use it, I've attached another pic of the Willys. This is when we were loading it up to take it home. John Foust, who has done all of the work so far, is in the foreground. My Father is at the driver's door, while I am towards the rear of the car. Thanx again for adding the pics Byron, I appreciate it! Vince B.

They also have the 33 Chevy shown below

This pic is from 1966. Had a 'glass Willys nose on it because (at the time) Pops couldn't find any tin OR glass for a Chevy.
Byron, here is a pic from about 5 years ago. Car is still the same today, aside from magnesium Halibrands. Here is a quick rundown: Steel body, doors, and deck. Glass boards and fenders. Stock frame, boxed w/ extra crossmembers and a cage. Stock front axle on 2 inch over springs. 9" Ford rear, 3:50 gearset on a 4-link. Blown 454 and a TH-400 tranny.
Hi Byron. Here is the last pic. It was taken in the pits at Island Dragway. This was the only time the car has been to the track. It ran 13.0 at 106. It spun the tires all of 1st gear, then skipped 2nd and dropped into 3rd. That's with a 3:50 gear in it! With a tranny that actually shifts and a little traction, it would surely be an 11-second car. We've decided not to play with the Chev. We're going to leave it on the street and build the Willys strictly for the track. We hope to go 10.0s at least. Thanx again Byron! Vince B.