Rocky Pirrone

You Eastern Gasser Fans ought to be familiar with Rocky Pirrone. Rocky and his Dad, the late Joe Sr, have been running blown gassers on the Eastern Seaboard since...well, for a long time. 

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Joe Pirrone's 33 Willys is Shown at Indy in 1967 and at Vargas.  Joe beat KS Pittman at Englishtown with this car.
Here's Rocky's homage to his Dad.  Rocky just finished (June 2003) this beautiful re-creation of his Dad's 33 Willys.  This is a flawless piece...and it hauls too!
Joe's last racecar was this beautiful 40 Willys.
Rocky's "Action Transmission" 33 Willys.
Rocky's "Boss 33" was aptly named...but Rocky ended up taking a very bad ride in this car.
Rocky's "Flashback 33 Willys, now campaigned on the GoodGuys VRA circuit by Frank Godec.
Here's Rocky's current ride in a couple of iterations prior to it's current gorgeous Candy Red w/Gold leaf scheme.
Told you it was gorgeous!  I love the old upright 4-hole Hilborn too. 
He's also going Nitro racing in a Nostalgia Funny Car.