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~ March Meet 2010 ~

~ Coverage dedicated to Tim Hanaseth ~


2010 March Meet

Famoso Raceway

Bakersfield, CA

5-8 March 2010


First of all, my sincere apologies to both the visitors to this site and the photographers whoso photos you'll see here.  The last few months have been more than a bit hectic and, to be honest, I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of photos.  At any rate, there's a bunch of good ones and I hope you enjoy them.


6 May 2010

  What follows are about 2300+ photos from this year's March Meet.  The photographers for Gasser Madness were Dean Court and Warren Merriman with additional photos by "Big Bob" Snyder who was shooting for a Funny Car site but was kind enough to supply photos for us Gasser fans too.  Additionally, Gary & Barbara Brown also provided a number of photos.  You can also download a pdf file with all of the results here.

What you won't see are any March Meet photos by long-time Gasser Madness photographer Tim Hanaseth. Tim lost a long battle with cancer on his birthday, 22 February of this year, just prior to the March Meet.  This year's coverage of the March Meet is dedicated to his memory.  Thanks Tim for all the great photos and go with God, my friend.  We miss you.


AA/GS Winner

Chuck Moore & Steve Woods


A/G Winner

Jimmy White


B/Gas Winner

John Saliani


C/Gas Winner

Bob Wiliams


D/Gas Winner

Chris Kurtis

  Hot Rod

Hot Rod Winner

Jesse Adams


Altereds, Comps, Dragsters and More


People Pics


Walkin' Around at the March Meet

  Photos by Gary & Barbara Brown