"Project Gasser Madness"

 ~Part 2 ~

~ Progress at Last! ~



Happy 2005! I hope it's a good year for you and your family.

With respect the Gasser Madness project Willys, 2005 is starting out well. 2 weeks ago I stopped in to see Chuck Finders in Ohio and took the attached photos.

The chopped coupe in 2 of the photos is Chuck's personal partnership to recreate Traveler, the Altizer-Finders-Kibler coupe. Chuck is in 2 of the photos and I'm the guy wearing the LOMPOC sweater.

The remaining photos are of the tube frame for the Gasser Madness car. The 2nd guy in those photos is Larry Skora his very, very capable assistant. Chuck and Larry decided to build the chassis as a complete tube frame to current NHRA specs because of the times the car might run. However, they pointed out it will be very period correct for the end of the gasser era when the top gassers of that time often had a tube funny car chassis and a traditional gasser style body, often fiberglass and fliptop just like the emerging funny cars.

I spoke with Chuck yesterday and he and Larry are now farther along on the GM Willys. Hopefully by the end of the month it will be a roller.

As always, thanks for your great website, sincerely,

Dave Miller