"Project Gasser Madness"

 ~Part 5 ~

~ Body Working ~

George Wuethrich of Lightning Auto Body, Santa Maria has attacked the Project GasserMadness Willys with lightning speed. He's completed the 2" top chop begun by Larry Sikora back at Chuck Finder's in Ohio and here he's tacking in some stepped metal inserts to patch a few spots of rust on the driver's door.

Next he'll be fastening the front fenders to the chassis and fabricating a fold back and/or lift off set up for the hood. After that's done, he'll move aft to install the aluminum bed. Aluminum beds for classic Willys pickups is George's specialty. Again in one of the shots you'll see George's 33 pickup, a steel cab he fabricated from a sedan, with one of his aluminum beds. The beds are super trick because the bed rails are rolled like those of the original steel beds. Project GasserMadness will be an ALL METAL gasser but not all steel!

See if any Willys geeks can tell how George formed those steel covers over the holes where the headlights were. George is proud of his handiwork there. He says, "These headlight covers are tits!!!"

Dave Miller,
Lompoc, CA