"Project Gasser Madness"

 ~Part 11 ~

~ Test & Tune ~

Byron, here are some pit shots of Project Gassermadness at LACR, Saturday, 02-24-07.

This was an intial test and tune outing. We're trying to get the car ready for racing at the March Meet in two weeks. All systems worked perfectly except the fuel delivery off idle. The car would not launch hard. Burnouts were spectacular, top end was too, but Art thinks the idle system is draining away too much fuel when a load is applied, so we're going to recalibrate the idle system before next weekend. This coming Friday and Saturday we'll take it too Famoso for testing again if weather permits.

The crew was as follows:

Art Foster: crew chief and engine builder Randy Foster: driver
Ralph Foster: crew, driver's assistant, safety John Sarena: crew, saftey

Chuck Finders was present too by proxy, because I was on the phone with him several times during the day. Chuck will be at the March Meet.

By the way, those orange streamers are functional:

1. they warn onlookers of the sharp, easily bent tips of the spoiler's fins.
2. we want to see how they stream out as the car goes down the strip.

Hope all is well, sorry there are no action shots, one of the other crew members as some that I'll try and send, but my crew job didn't allow me to shoot any.

Dave Miller, tow vehicle