"Project Gasser Madness"

 ~Part 15 ~

~ Don Garlits Museum ~



Shortly after Chuck Finders passed away, I received an invitation from Don Garlits to display Project Gasser Madness at Don's Drag Racing Museum in Ocala, Florida. On August 1st, I delivered the car to Don. It will be on display there for the next three years as a tribute to Chuck Finders. We all know how phenomenal Don is on the strip, but he's equally phenomenal as a person caring about racers he has known. A review of your posted tribute to Chuck will reinforce that comment.

Prior to towing the 39 Willys back to Florida, Art Foster and his son A. J. at their shop in Santa Maria replaced the injected 427 with a blown motor topped with a 3 X 2 intake manifold system designed by Chuck Finders. It seemed appropriate to drop in a blown motor, because it was something Chuck had urged me to do repeatedly, since he is particularly associated with and loved blown gassers.

Attached are a few photos of the new motor, the trip back, and a couple of shots at Don's fabulous facility. It's a must see for every drag racing enthusiast.

Dave Miller
Lompoc CA