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From time to time over the last 12 years, I receive a photo or two from someone who wants to contribute to the website but doesn't have a bunch of photos.  Usually I'll find a place for them, but often it really isn't the right spot or the photo doesn't really fit in an existing section of the site.  Well, I FINALLY figured out what to do!  Why not a section of "Visitors' Photos?  Duh! 

So, without further ado, here's photos submitted by you, the visitors to Gasser Madness.

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...and thank you for your photos!


Attached is picture of John Loper Sr. and me, racing at Beeline Raceway.   I won.

Thought you might like to add this to your website.

Allan Knutsen


I have one old picture you might like. You may already have some pictures of this car but this is a cool one. Its the Cottrell and Reichard AA/GS Austin on the scales at Aquasco, circa 1969.

Greg Mauchamer


The Ault & James B/Gas Model-T.  Very Cool!

Bob Rogers


Norm Paddack's Willys with injected Hemi

Bob Rogers


Snodgrass & Mankhen "Psycho" Funny Car at Lions,

Contributed by Jack Swanson