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Well...I had the "Visitor's Rides" section on the Gasser Madness! website all nicely categorized by car types, etc.  Of course, the moment you get something "set", something else will come along to upset it!  In this case, I received some photos from Dave and Mary Glass showing their collection of VERY cool Gasser-style rides...all different.  Rather than break up the set, I decided that it was time for a new category for "Visitor's Rides"..."Great Collections!", so here it is.

 If you'd like to see your Gasser-style rides up here, please email info and photos to me at gassermadness@draglist.com.

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Noel Brown's Badass Rides
Mike Traul's Cars
 Steve Johnson's Gassers
Dean's Cool Collection
Dave and Mary Glass' collection of Gassers
J. Sobolesky's Wild Willys

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